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The Target Collection of American Photography

Date open to public: 2/25/1977

Closing date: 5/1/1977

4 Catalogs in Archives.

Exhibition files exist in Archives.

Photographs exist in Archives.

This exhibition was first organized by the MFAH.

Exhibition curated or organized by: Agee, William C.; Tucker, Anne

Exhibition venue: Andrews Gallery and Corridor

This is a traveling exhibition.

Travel venues:
Art Museum of South Texas, Jan 1-Feb 5, 1978; Heckscher Museum, Apr 28-Jun 4, 1978; Josylyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, Jul 19-Aug 27, 1978; Fort Worth Art Museum, Nov 9-Dec 31, 1978; College of Saint Catherince, St. Paul, Minnesota, Feb 1-Feb 28, 1979; Charles H. MacNider Museum, Mason City, Iowa, Apr 7-May 13, 1979; Hudson River Museum, Jul 28-Sept 9, 1979

Catalog preface by William C. Agee and introduction by Anne Tucker.

Related subjects, medium, artists:
Art, Modern; Photography, Artistic

 Participating Artists

Abbott, Berenice, 1898-1991
Provincetown Playhouse, 133 McDougal St., Manhattan, December 29, 1936
Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984
Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada from Lone Pine, California, 1944
Adams, Robert, 1937-
Construction Materials: a new tract of homes, Denver, Colorado, 1973
Arbus, Diane, 1923-1971
Man at a Parade on Fifth Avenue, New York City, 1969
Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971
A Blast Furnace Under Construction in Ural Mountains as Part of the First Five-Year Plan, Magneto-Gorsk, USSR, 1931
Buchard, Jerry, 1931 -
Rochester, Xmas, 1975
Callahan, Harry, 1912-1999
Telephone Wires, series begun 1945
Caponigro, Paul, 1932-
Stonehenge, 1967
Chappell, Walter
Untitled, 1967
Chiarenza, Carl, 1935-
Quarry 15, 1975
Coburn, Alvin Langdon, 1882-1966
Arnold Bennett, 1913
Cunningham, Imogen, 1883-1975
Magnolia Bud, 1925
De Carava, Roy, 1919-
Hallway, 1952
Edgerton, Harold E., 1903-1990
Wes Fesler Kicking a football, c. 1938
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975
Roadside Sandwich Shop, Ponchatoula, Louisiana, 1936
Fellig, Arthur, called Weegee, 1899-1968
Untitled, 1944
Fellig, Arthur
Frank, Robert, 1924-
Hoboken, 1955
Friedlander, Lee, 1934-
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1969
Gibson, Ralph
Untitled from "Deja Vu", 1970
Gowin, Emmet, 1941-
Nancy and Dwayne, Danville, Virginia, 1970
Heinecken, Robert, 1931-
Space/Time Metamorphosis #1, 1975-76
Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940
San Antonio Messenger Boys for Red Light District, San Antonio, Texas, October 1913
Jachna, Joseph D., 1935-
Door County, Wisconsin, 1970
Jacobi, Lotte, 1896-
Untitled, 1963
Josephson, Kenneth, 1932-
Matthew, 1965
Kertész, André, 1894-1985
Around St. Vincent´s Hospital, November 15, 1971
Krause, George, 1937-
Untitled from "Qui Riposa" series
Krims, Les, 1943-
Mom's Snaps, 1971
Lange, Dorothea, 1895-1965
Plantation Owner, near Clarksdale, Mississippi, June 1936
Lee, Russell, 1903-
FSA Clients at Home, Hidalgo County, Texas, 1939
Levitt, Helen, 1918-2009
Untitled (children with broken mirror) c. 1940
Lyon, Danny, 1942-
Racer, Schererville, Indiana, 1965
Lyons, Joan, 1937 -
Untitled, 1976
Lyons, Nathan, 1930 -
Untitled from "Notations in Passing", c. 1965
Man Ray (born Emmanuel Rudnitzky), 1890-1976
Portrait of Lillian Fisher, Editor of Harper´s Bazaar, Paris, 1935
Mandel, Mike, 1950-
The Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards, 1973-74
Prototype for the series, "Plot to Assassinate the Queen", 1976
Suzanne Bloom and Edward Hill are known collectively as MANUAL.
Meatyard, Ralph Eugene, 1925-1972
Untitled, undated
Metzker, Ray K., 1931-
Untitled, 1973
Morgan, Barbara, 1900-1992
Emanation - 1940 (Light Drawing)
Morris, Wright, 1910-
Basin, Cahow's Barbershop, Chapman, Nebraska, 1947
Nettles, Bea, 1946-
Swan Dream, 1971
Newman, Arnold, 1918-2006
Igor Stravinsky, 1946
Orkin, Ruth, 1921 -
Julie Harris, Ethel Waters, and Carson McCullers at Opening Night Party for "Member of the Wedding", taken on assignment for Life Magazine, 1950
Outerbridge, Paul, 1896-1958
Advertisement for George P. Ide Co., 1922
Papageorge, Tod, 1940-
Sonia, Texas Lake, 1975
Savage, Naomi, 1927 -
Enmeshed Man, 1968
Shahn, Ben, 1898-1969
Child of Strawberry Pickers, Hammond, Louisiana, 1935
Shore, Stephen, 1947-
Holden St., North Adams, Massachusetts, July 13, 1974
Siskind, Aaron, 1903-1991
Homage to Franz Kline (Jalapa 7), 1973
Smith, Keith A., 1938-
Untitled, 1976
Smith, W. Eugene, 1918-1978
Minamata - Tomoko and Mother, 1972
Sommer, Frederick, 1905-1999
Arizona Landscape, 1945
Sonneman, Eve, 1946-
Coney Island, 1974
Souza, Al, 1944-
Death, 1975
Steichen, Edward, 1879-1973
Nocturne, Orangerie Staircase, Versailles, 1913
Steiner, Ralph, 1899-1986
Wall of Posters, New York City, c. 1920
Stieglitz, Alfred, 1864-1946
The Steerage, 1907
Strand, Paul, 1890-1976
Cristo, Oaxaca, 1933
Szarkowski, John, 1925-2007
The Schlesinger Meyer (now Carson, Pirie, Scott) Department Store, 1899 - 1904, c. 1950
Tice, George A., 1938-
Petit Mobil Station and Water Tower, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 1974
Uelsmann, Jerry N., 1934-
Simultaneous implications, 1973
Van DerZee, James, 1886-
Kate and Rachel, 1906
Walker, Todd, 1917-
A Photograph of a Leaf is Not the Leaf. It May Not Even be a Photograph, 1967
Weston, Brett, 1911-1993
Untitled (Kelp), 1955
Weston, Edward, 1886-1958
Harold Kreutzberg, 1932
White, Minor, 1908-1976
Road and Poplar Trees, 1955
Winningham, Geoff, 1943-
Ellis County Courtroom, 1975
Winogrand, Garry, 1928-1984
Copenhagen, 1969
Wood, John, 1922-
Untitled, 1974

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