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Fresh Paint: The Houston School

Date open to public: 1/25/1985

Closing date: 4/7/1985

5 Catalogs in Archives.

Exhibition files exist in Archives.

Photographs exist in Archives.

This exhibition was first organized by the MFAH.

Exhibition curated or organized by: Rose, Barbara

Exhibition venue: Cullinan Hall, Andrews Gallery and Corridor

This is a traveling exhibition.

Travel venues:
The Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Inc. (P.S. 1), May 5-Jun 21, 1985; Oklahoma Art Center, Jul 18-Sept 1, 1985;

Related subjects, medium, artists:
Art, American—Texas; Art, Modern

 Participating Artists

Alexander, John, 1945-
The Stag Party, 1982 (Oil on canvas); Birds in Bondage, 1984 (Oil on canvas)
Alison, Kelly, 1957-
Barking Bitches, 1979 (Oil on canvas); Sun Day, 1980 (Oil on canvas)
Beeman, Malinda, 1949-
Domestication under a Stormy Sky, 1984 (Oil, acrylic and modeling paste on canvas)
Bettison, James, 1957-199?
Alien Baby (Blue Background), 1984 (Mixed media on terry cloth, four panels)
Biggers, John Thomas, 1924-
Jubilee-Ghana Harvest Festival, 1959 (Mixed media on canvas)
Boshier, Derek, 1937-
Everyday Opera, 1983 (Oil on canvas); Corporate Business, 1984 (Oil on canvas)
Boynton, Jack, 1928-
Nightwatch, 1967 (Oil on canvas)
Brigham, Joanne, 1951-
Excellent Women, 1984 (Gouache and acrylic on paper on linen)
Camblin, Bob Bilyeu, 1928-
The Studio, 1981 (Oil on canvas)
Cantu, Margarita Rivera, 1951-
Offering, 1984 (Oil on canvas)
Cronin, Patrick, 1952-
Shinola, 1984 (Acrylic, rhoplex and masonite on board)
Davila, Atanacio P., 1909-
The Resurrection, 1984 (Acrylic on canvas)
DeLude, Jeffrey Earl, 1955-
Fire Dancing, 1982 (Oil on canvas)
Dugan, Chuck, 1947-
Sea Wolf, 1983 (Oil and acrylic on canvas); Tokens and Toys, 1984 (Oil on canvas)
Espada, Ibsen, 1952-
El Laberinto, 1983 (Ink and oil on canvas, two panels)
Feehan, Andy, 1950-
Tropical Anastosio, 1983 (Acrylic on canvas)
Garza, Luis Fernando, 1937-
La Creacion, 1984 (Enamel and oil on masonite)
Glasco, Joseph, 1925-
Screen, 1983 (Acrylic and collage on canvas, two sided, ten panels)
Hood, Dorothy, 1919-2000
Centrifugal Orbit, 1984 (Oil on canvas)
Hoover, Ron, 1944-
Green Dancer, 1981 (Oil on canvas); Run for Your Life, 1983 (Oil on canvas)
Hoover, Ron, 1944-
Green Dancer, 1981 (Oil on canvas); Run for Your Life, 1983 (Oil on canvas)
House, Perry, 1943-
Untitled, 1984 (Acrylic on canvas)
Jalapeeno, Jimmy, 1947-
Two Nikes Leading a Bull to Sacrifice, 1982 (Oil on canvas)
Johnson, Lucas, 1940-2002
The Apparition, 1981 (Acrylic and oil on panel)
Kellough, Jimmy, 1947-
Blue Climber, 1983 (Acrylic on mahogany); The Grapevine, 1983 (Acrylic on mahogany)
Kopriva, Sharon, 1948-
The Bad, Ugly, Proud and Disconcerned, 1983 (Mixed media on canvas)
Lesser, Craig, 1955-
Crawfisherman in Battle, 1980 (Oil on canvas)
Long, Bert, 1940-
The Family, 1980 (Acrylic on canvas with mirrors); Faceless America, 1979 (Acrylic on canvas with mirrors)
Luna, Bert Leon, 1939
Instrumentation, 1976 (Mixed media on canvas); Interchangeable Parts, 1980 (Acrylic and linen on canvas)
McCoy, Robert, 1946-
The Celebration, 1983 (Oil on canvas)
Miller, Melissa, 1951-
Flood, 1983 (Oil on linen); Territory, 1983 (Oil on linen)
Oliver, Kermit, 1943-
Who Is This That Cometh From Edom With Dyed Garments From Bosrabi?, 1980-1983 (Acrylic on panel)
Poag, Jim, 1954-
The Last Oasis, 1983 (Acrylic and litho crayon on paper on canvas); Fumes; Friends, 1984 (Acrylic, litho crayon and gesso on canvas)
Poulos, Basilios Nicholas, 1941-
Ornomenos, 1984 (Acylic on canvas)
Robertson, Jim, 1949
No Cookies in Dada, 1981 (Acrylic and enamel on canvas)
Russell, Laura, 1949-
Macron, 1984 (Acrylic on plywood)
Samples, Bert, 1955-
Chariots of the Cocks, 1981 (Acrylic on board); Dawn of Orpheus, 1981 (Acrylic on board)
Schorre, Charles, 1925-1996
Moonavel, 1984 (Acrylic on canvas)
Stack, Gael, 1941-
Untitled, 1984 (Oil on canvas)
Staley, Earl, 1938-
Ship of Fools, 1978, (Acylic on canvas); Boystown, Laredo, Mexico, 1978-1979 (Acrylic on canvas)
Stites, Sara, 1950-
Untitled, 1984 (Acrylic, pastel and liquid plastic on paper on canvas)
Stout, Richard Gordon, 1934-
Oedipus, 1973-1984 (Acylic on canvas)
Thompson, Richard, 1945-
Pioneer Abstraction #8, 1983 (Oil on canvas)
Utterback, Robin, 1949-
Untitled, 1983-1984 (Acrylic, cloth and plaster on wood)
Wray, Richard, 1933-
Untitled, 1983 (Oil and mixed media on canvas)

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