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Evocative Presence: Twentieth Century Photographs in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Date open to public: 2/27/1988

Closing date: 5/1/1988

0 Catalogs in Archives.

Exhibition files exist in Archives.

Photographs exist in Archives.

This exhibition was first organized by the MFAH.

Exhibition curated or organized by: Tucker, Anne

Exhibition venue: Upper Jones Galleries

Related subjects, medium, artists:
Art, Modern; Photography, Artistic

 Participating Artists

Abbott, Berenice, 1898-1991
Provincetown Playhouse, 133 McDougal Street, Manhattan, December 29, 1936 from Changing New York series, gelatin silver photograph
Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984
Moonrise over Hernandez, New Mexico, 1944, gelatin silver photograph
Adams, Robert, 1937-
Near Willard, Utah, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Alvarez Bravo, Manuel, 1902-2002
Concerning the Temptations in the House of Antonio, 1960s, gelatin silver photograph
Atget, Eugčne, 1857-1927
Pont Marie, 1926 and Saint Cloud, 1924, aristotype printing-out photographs
Avedon, Richard, 1923-2004
Francis, Bacon, Artist, April, 1979, gelatin silver photograph
Baldessari, John, 1931-
A Different Kind of Order (The Thelonius Monk Story), 1972-73, gelatin silver photograph
Baltz, Lewis, 1945-
Construction Detail, East Wall, Xerox, 1821 Dyer Road, Santa Ana, 1974, from New Industrial Parks series, gelatin silver photograph
Bayer, Herbert, 1900-1985
Man and Architecture, c. 1927, gelatin silver photograph;
Muscles, 1934, from Das Wunder des Lebens, photo collage and gouache
Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971
Otis Steel Mill Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1929, gelatin silver photograph;
Untitled, lates 1920s, gelatin silver photograph
Brancusi, Constantin, 1876-1957
View of the Studio: Endless Column, Bird in Space, c. 1922, gelatin silver photograph
Brandt, Bill, 1904-1983
Bookmaker at Epsom, Derby Day, c. 1932, gelatin silver photograph with graphite;
Maid Preparing the Evening Bath, c. 1932, gelatin silver photograph
Brassaď, 1899-1984
L´Entrée du Bal Tabarin (The Entrance to Bal Tabarin), 1932, gelatin silver photograph
Breitenbach, Joseph, 1896-1984
Portrait of Richard Revy, Munich, 1932, gelatin silver photograph
Bruguičre, Francis Joseph, 1879-1945
Cut Paper Abstraction, c. 1925-27, gelatin silver photograph
Callahan, Harry, 1912-1999
Eleanor, Chicago, 1949, gelatin silver photograph
Caponigro, Paul, 1932-
Stonehenge, 1967, from Monuments of Ancient Ireland series, gelatin silver photograph
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908-2004
Untitled, c. 1931-33, gelatin silver photograph
Clift, William, 1944-
Rainbow, Waldo, New Mexico, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Conner, Linda, 1944-
Yogi, Banaras, 1979, gelatin printing-out-paper photograph, toned
Consemüller, Erich, 1902-1957, attributed to
Man and Architecture, 1926-30, gelatin silver photograph
Crawford, Ralston, 1906-1978
Ship´s Wake, c. 1950-52, gelatin silver photograph
Cumming, Robert, 1943-
Watermelon/Bread, 1970, gelatin silver photograph;
8 Year Old Girl, 6 Month Old Weed, 1974, gelatin silver photograph
Cunningham, Imogen, 1883-1976
Magnolia Bud, 1925, gelatin silver photograph
De Carava, Roy, 1919-
Man in a Window, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
De Lekuona, Nicolaěs, 1913-1937
Untitled, 1935, mixed media photomontage
Divola, John, 1949-
Untitled, from Zuma series, 1977, color coupler photograph
Drtikol & Spol (Drtikol, Frantisek, 1883-1961 and Augustin Skarda)
Untitled, 1914, bromoil photograph
Drtikol, František, 1883-1961
Composition, c. 1925, gelatin silver photograph;
Worker (Portrait of Jaroslav Rössler], 1924, bromoil photograph
Eggleston, William, 1939-
Near Marks, Mississippi, c. 1974, dye transfer photograph
Engel, Morris, 1918-
Sweet Evelyn, East Side, N.Y.C., 1938, gelatin silver photograph
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975
Roadside Sandwich Shop, Pontchatoula, Louisiana, 1936, gelatin silver photograph;
Untitled, 1929, gelatin silver photograph
Farber, Dennis, 1946-
Divided Conscience, 1986-87, color coupler photograph with acrylic and gold leaf
Faurer, Louis, 1916-2001
Recreation Period, 1938, gelatin silver photograph
Feininger, T. Lux, 1910-
Black-White Dance, 1928-19, gelatin silver photograph
Fellig, Arthur, called Weegee, 1899-1968
Stork Club, c. 1945, gelatin silver photograph
Fink, Larry, 1941-
Untitled, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Frank, Robert, 1924-
Gelatin silver photographs:
Sick of Goodbys, 1978;
Political Rally, Chicago, 1956, from the Americans, printed 1970s;
Peru, 1948, printed 1970s;
Paris, 1950
Friedlander, Lee, 1934-
Gelatin silver photographs: Newark, 1963; Galax, Virginia, 1962;
Kyoto, 1979, photogravure
Funke, Jaromír, 1896-1945
Gelatin silver photographs:
Eye Reflection, 1932;
Stairway of Old Prague, 1924;
Composition, 1927-29
Gelpke, André, 1947-
Cannes, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Genthe, Arnold, 1869-1942
San Francisco Fire, April 18, 1906, 9 a.m., platinum (?) photograph
Giacomelli, Mario, 1925-2000
Untitled, from Verrá la morte e avra I tuoi occhi series, 1966, gelatin silver photograph
Gilpin, Laura, 1891-1979
Steps of the Castillo, 1932, platinum photograph
Gohlke, Frank W., 1942-
Looking South across the Red River - near Byers, Texas, 1984, gelatin silver photograph
Gossage, John R., 1946-
Ornamentals, Georgetown, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Gowin, Emmet, 1941-
Nancy and Dwayne, Danville, Virginia, 1970, gelatin silver photograph, printed 1976
Groover, Jan, 1943-
Untitled (JGD149), 1983, palladium photograph
Grossman, Sidney, 1913-1955
Gelatin silver photographs:
Untitled, 1945, from Black Christ Festival, Panama series;
Kick, 1947, from Coney Island series;
Shooting Boy with Mask, 1947-48, from Recent New York series
Gutmann, John, 1905-1988
Before Pearl Harbor. ROTC at Mission High School, San Francisco, 1938, gelatin silver photograph
Heartfield, John, 1891-1968
Rotogravure photomontage:
The Nazis Play with Fire, February 20, 1935, A-I-Z, Volume 14, Number 9;
Diagnosis, March 21, 1935, A-I-Z, Volume 14, Number 12;
Hurrah, the Butter is Gone!, December 19, 1935, A-I-Z, Volume 14, Number 51;
The Thousand-Year Reich, September 29, 1934, A-I-Z, Volume 13, Number 38;
O Christmas Tree in German Territory, December 27, 1934, A-I-Z, Volume 13, Number 52
Heinecken, Robert, 1931-2006
Space/Time Metamorphosis #1, 1975-76, photo emulsion on canvas, charcoal, pencil
Henri, Florence, 1893-1982
Composition Nature Morte, 1931, gelatin silver photograph
Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940
Riveters, 1932, gelatin silver photograph
Hosoe, Eikoh, 1933-
Embrace #46, 1971, gelation silver photograph
Jahan, Pierre, 1909-2003
Untitled, c. 1950, gelatin silver photograph
Kertész, André, 1894-1985
Chairs, the Medici Fountain, 1926, gelatin silver photograph;
In Les Halles, 1929, gelatin silver photograph
Klein, William, 1928-
In Les Halles, 1929, gelatin silver photograph
Krause, George, 1937-
Untitled, from Saints and Martyrs series begun 1964, Gelatin silver photograph, toned, printed 1979
Kühn, Heinrich, 1866-1944
Miss Mary Sitting, c. 1905-10, gum bichromate photograph on tissue
Lange, Dorothea, 1895-1965
Grayson, San Joaquin Valley, California, 1938, gelatin silver photograph;
On the Great Plains, near Winner, South Dakota, the Catholic, Lutheran, and Baptist Churches, 1938, gelatin silver photograph
Larson, William, 1942-
Untitled, from Tucson series, September 1980-July 1981, color coupler photograph
Lee, Russell, 1903-1986
Child of Migrant Worker in a Car, Oklahoma, 1939, gelatin silver photograph;
Flood Refugees who were Sheltered in the Schoolhouse at East Prairie, Missouri, c. 1935, gelatin silver photograph
Lerski, Helmar, 1871-1956
Untitled, 1936, from Metamorphosis Through Light series, gelatin silver photograph with traces of handwork
Levitt, Helen, 1918-2009
Untitled, c. 1941, New York City, gelatin silver photograph
LeWitt, Sol, 1928-
B4, from the Brick Wall series, 1977, gelatin silver photographs
Lynes, George Platt, 1907-1955
Portrait of George Balanchine, 1941, gelatin silver photograph
Lyons, Joan, 1937 -
Prom Dress Portfolio, 1975, photo-offset lithographs
Lyons, Nathan, 1930 -
Untitled, c. 1965, from Notations in Passing series, gelatin silver photograph
Man Ray (born Emmanuel Rudnitzky), 1890-1976
Ostrich Egg, 1930, gelatin silver photograph;
André Derain, c. 1925, gelatin silver photograph;
Untitled, 1923, gelatin silver Rayograph
Mantz, Werner, 1901-1983
Interior, Hairdresser, 1926, gelatin silver photograph
Life in the Different Zones, 1987, color coupler photographic montage
Suzanne Bloom and Edward Hill are known collectively as MANUAL.
Mapplethorpe, Robert, 1946-1989
Watermelon and Knife, 1985, platinum-palladium photograph
Mark, Mary Ellen, 1941-
The Beginning of Jeannette´s Labor, July 19, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Metzker, Ray K., 1931-
Spruce Street Boogie, 1966-67, assembled 1981, gelatin silver photographic composite;
Gelatin silver photographs:
The Loop: Chicago (58 U 8), 1958, printed 1984;
Europe: Frankfurt (61DZ 21), 1961, printed 1984;
Pictus Interruptus: Mykonos, Greece (79 DA 15), 1979;
Untitled (85 Nwa-15), from Feste di Fogli series, 1985
Meyer, Adolf de, 1868-1949
Baroness Olga de Meyer, c. 1900, platinum photograph
Meyerowitz, Joel, 1938-
12th Ave. between 34th and 35th Sts., 1978, color coupler photograph
Michals, Duane, 1932-
5:15 AM, April 22, 1903, 1973, gelatin silver photographs
Misrach, Richard, 1949-
Hawaii, XIV, 1978, color coupler photograph
Moholy, Lucia, 1894-1989
Florence Henri, 1927, gelatin silver photograph, printed 1930s
Moholy-Nagy, László, 1894-1946
Gelatin silver photographs:
Untitled, 1929;
Stockholm, c. 1930;
Dessau, 1926-28;
At Coffee;
Paris, 1925;
Diagram of Forces, c. 1930, gelatin silver photogram
Narahara, Ikkō, 1931-
Arcade of Light, Piazza San Marco, 1978, mechanical reproductions in four volumes
Nicosia, Nic, 1951-
Domestic Drama #2, 1982, color coupler photograph
Nixon, Nicholas, 1947-
F.K., from Boston series, 1984, gelatin silver photograph
Ostier, André, 1906-
Leonor Fini, 1951, gelatin silver photograph
Outerbridge, Paul, 1896-1958
Advertisement for George P. Ide Co., 1922, platinum photograph
Papageorge, Tod, 1940-
Central Park, 1978, gelatin silver photograph
Parada, Esther, 1938-
Past Recovery, 1979, gelatin silver photographs, hand toned
Penn, Irving, 1917-
Jean Cocteau, July 26, 1948, Paris, gelatin silver photograph
Polk, P. H., 1898-1984
George Washington Carver in His Lab, 1930, gelatin silver photograph
Porter, Eliot, 1901-1990
Redbud Trees in Bottomland. Near Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 1968, dye transfer photograph;
Pond with Marsh Grass and Lily Pads, Madison, N.H., 1952, dye transfer photograph
Renger-Patsch, Albert, 1897-1966
Untitled, c. 1932, gelatin silver photograph
Rohde, Werner, 1906-1990
Self-Portrait, c. 1928, gelatin silver photograph
Rosenblum, Walter, 1919-
Seated Man Sunning Himself in Front of Candy Store, 1938, from Pitt Street series, gelatin silver photograph
Rössler, Jaroslav, 1902-1990
The Hand of the Photographer´s Daughter, 1930, gelatin silver photograph;
Paris, Long-Champs, Racetrack, 1929, gelatin silver photograph
Roszak, Theodore, 1907-1981
Untitled, c. 1937-41, gelatin silver photogram
Štyěrskyě, Jindřich, 1899-1942
Untitled, c. 1935, gelatin silver photograph
Salomon, Erich, 1886-1944
Untitled, c. 1930s, gelatin silver photograph
Sander, August, 1876-1964
The Earthbound Woman, c. 1911, Plate #5 from the Archetypes, gelatin silver photograph
Schad, Christian, 1894-1982
Untitled, 1918, printing-out-paper Schadograph
Schmidt, Joost, 1893-1948, attributed to
Parabolic Sculpture, 1928, gelatin silver photograph
Shahn, Ben, 1898-1969
New York City, c. 1932, gelatin silver photograph
Sheeler, Charles, 1883-1965
New York, 1920, gelatin silver photograph
Sherman, Cindy, 1954-
Untitled, from Movie Stills series, 1980, color coupler photograph
Shore, Stephen, 1947-
Holden St., North Adams, Massachusetts, July 13, 1974, color coupler photograph
Siskind, Aaron, 1903-1991
Jerome, Arizona, 1949, gelatin silver photograph
Smith, W. Eugene, 1918-1978
4 gelatin silver photographs:
Untitled, September 20, 1948, from Country doctor essay
Sommer, Frederick, 1905-1999
Arizona Landscape, 1945, gelatin silver photograph
Sonneman, Eve, 1946-
Boat Building, Samos, Greece, 1977, cibachrome photographic diptych
Stam-Beese, Lotte, 1903-1988
Bauhaus Weavers, 1928, gelatin silver photograph
Steichen, Edward, 1879-1973
Triumph of the Egg, c. 1921, palladium photograph;
Greta Garbo, 1928, gelatin silver photograph;
Trees, Long Island, 1905, carbon photograph on base of silver paint
Steiner, Ralph, 1899-1986
Saratoga Trees, 1929, gelatin silver photograph
Sternfeld, Joel, 1944-
Near Lake Powell, Arizone, 1979, dye transfer photograph
Stieglitz, Alfred, 1864-1946
Portrait of Georgia O´Keeffe, 1933, gelatin silver photograph
Stoumen, Louis, 1917-
Family the Day FDR Died, 1945, gelatin silver photograph
Strand, Paul, 1890-1976
Gelatin silver photographs:
Lathe, 1923;
Bell Rope, 1945;
Boats on Shore, Perce Beach, Gaspé, 1929;
Mullen and Stump, Twin Lakes, Connecticut, 1922;
Exposition, San Diego, 1915, platinum photograph
Sudek, Josef, 1896-1976
Untitled, c. 1952, gelatin silver photograph, gold toned
Szarkowski, John, 1925-2007
The Schlesinger Meyer (now Carson, Pirie, Scott) Department Store, 1899-1904, 1954, gelatin silver photograph
Tabard, Maurice, 1897-1984
My Shoe in a Still Life (Ma chaussure dans la nature morte), 1929, gelatin silver photograph
Tobias, Herbert, 1924-1982
Vali and Daniel in Garden, Paris, 1952, gelatin silver photograph
Uelsmann, Jerry N., 1934-
Rock Tree, 1969, gelatin silver photograph
Van Der Zee, James, 1886-1983
Kate and Rachel, 1907, gelatin silver photograph, printed 1974 by Richard Benson
Wagner, Catherine, 1953-
South Main Baptist Church, Children´s Sunday School, Houston, Texas, 1985, from American Classroom series, gelatin silver photograph
Wegman, William, 1943-
Bathroom Rug, 1972-75, gelatin silver photographs
Weiner, Dan, 1919-1959
May Day Parade, New York City, 1948, gelatin silver photograph
Weston, Edward, 1886-1958
Church at E Town, New Mexico, 1933, gelatin silver photograph;
Tina Modotti, 1924, platinum photograph;
Epilogue, 1919, platinum photograph
White, Minor, 1908-1976
Road and Poplar Trees, 1955, gelatin silver photograph
Winningham, Geoff, 1943-
Yucatan, 1983, color coupler photograph
Winogrand, Garry, 1928-1984
Untitled (Soph-Frosh Rush, Columbia University), gelatin silver photograph, printed 1973;
Albuquerque, 1958, gelatin silver photograph
Witkin, Joel Peter, 1939-
The Prince Imperial, N.M., 1981, gelatin silver photograph
Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910-
Coal Miner´s Child Carrying Home Can of Kerosene, Scotts Run, West Virginia. Company-owned Houses, 1938, gelatin silver photograph, printed 1977;
One of the Judges at the Horse Race, Warrenton, Virginia, 1941, gelatin silver photograph, printed 1976 by the Library of Congress
Yavno, Max, 1911-1985
Two Men on a Tank, 1947, gelatin silver photograph

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