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Alice Neel: Painted Truths

Date open to public: 3/21/2010

Closing date: 6/13/2010

2 Catalogs in Archives.

Photographs exist in Archives.

This exhibition was first organized by the MFAH.

Exhibition curated or organized by: Walker, Barry, 1945-

Exhibition venue: Upper Brown Pavilion

This is a traveling exhibition.

Travel venues:
Whitechapel Gallery, London, Jul 9 - Sep 19, 2010; Moderna Museet Malmö, Sweden, Oct 10, 2010-Jan 2, 2011

 Participating Artists

Neel, Alice, 1900-1984
The Family (John Gruen, Jane Wilson and Julia), 1970 (Oil on canvas);
Dorothy Pearlstein, 1969 (Oil on canvas);
Degenerate Madonna, 1930 (Oil on canvas);
Hartley on the Rocking Horse, 1943 (Oil on canvas);
Mother and Child (Nancy and Olivia), 1967 (Oil on canvas);
Nancy and the Twins, 1971 (Oil on canvas);
Carmen and Judy, 1972 (Oil on canvas);
Ginny and Elizabeth, 1976 (Oil on canvas);
Futility of Effort, 1930 (Oil on canvas);
Symbols (Doll and Apple), c. 1933 (Oil on canvas);
Kenneth Fearing, 1935 (Oil on canvas);
Man with Rose, 1936 (Oil on canvas);
José, 1936 (Oil on canvas);
T. B. Harlem, 1940 (Oil on canvas);
Max White, 1935 (Oil on linen);
Ed Meschi, 1933 (Oil on canvas);
Elenka, 1936 (Oil on canvas);
Pat Whalen, 1935 (Oil on canvas);
Richard, 1945 (Oil on canvas);
Art Shields, 1951 (Oil on canvas);
Black Spanish Family, 1950 (Oil on panel);
Psychiatrist´s Wife (Elsie Rubin), 1957 (Oil on canvas);
Sam, 1958 (Oil on canvas);
Frank O´Hara, No. 2, 1960 (Oil on canvas);
Hartley, 1965 (Oil on canvas);
Robert Smithson, 1962 (Oil on canvas);
Maynard Stone, 1964 (Oil on canvas);
Fuller Brush Man, 1965 (Oil on canvas);
Andy Warhol, 1970 (Oil on canvas);
Jackie Curtis and Ritta Redd, 1970 (Oil on canvas);
Jackie Curtis as a Boy, 1972 (Oil on canvas);
David Bourdon and Gregory Battcock, 1970 (Oil on canvas);
Linda Nochlin and Daisy, 1973 (Oil on canvas);
The De Vegh Twins, 1975 (Oil on canvas);
Geoffrey Hendricks and Brian, 1978 (Oil on canvas);
Don Perlis and Jonathan, 1982 (Oil on canvas);
Ginny, 1984 (Oil on canvas);
Bronx Bacchus, 1929 (Oil on canvas mounted on board);
Ethel Ashton, 1930 (Oil on canvas);
Nadya Nude, 1933 (Oil on canvas);
Joe Gould, 1933 (Oil on canvas);
Pregnant Julie and Algis, 1967 (Oil on canvas);
Pregnant Woman, 1971 (Oil on canvas);
John Perreault, 1972 (Oil on canvas);
Margaret Evans Pregnant, 1978 (Oil on canvas);
Snow on Cornelia Street, 1933 (Oil on canvas);
9th Avenue EL, 1935 (Oil on canvas);
Fire Escape, 1946 (Oil on canvas);
Fire Escape, 1948 (Oil on canvas);
Night, 1959 (Oil on canvas);
Windows, 1977 (Oil on canvas);
107th and Broadway, 1976 (Oil on canvas);
Baron´s Aunt, 1959 (Oil on canvas);
Last Sickness, 1953 (Oil on canvas);
The Soyer Brothers, 1973 (Oil on canvas);
Max White, 1961 (Oil on canvas);
Self-Portrait, 1980 (Oil on canvas);
Gus Hall, 1981 (Oil on canvas);
Meyer Schapiro, 1983 (Oil on canvas);
Isabetta, 1934-1935 (Oil on canvas);
Olivia in a Red Hat, 1974 (Oil on canvas);
Victoria and the Cat, 1980 (Oil on canvas);
Andrew, 1978 (Oil on canvas);
Childbirth, 1939 (Oil on canvas);
Audrey McMahon, 1940 (Oil on canvas);
Dead Father, 1946 (Oil on canvas);
Dore Ashton, 1952 (Oil on canvas);
Ellie Poindexter, 1962 (Oil on canvas)

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