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Photo Forum 2007

Date open to public: 9/17/2007

Closing date: 1/14/2008

0 Catalogs in Archives.

This exhibition was first organized by the MFAH.

Related subjects, medium, artists:
Photography, Artistic

 Participating Artists

Cobo, Victor José, 1971-
Mi Abuela, 2003 (Inkjet print, printed 2007, ed. 1/25)
Devine, Jed, 1944-
Morning Light on the Manhattan Bridge, From John Street, Brooklyn, 1995 (Palladium photograph, printed 2007?)
Elisofon, Eliot, 1911-1973
Nuer Men, 1947-1950 (Gelatin silver photograph)
Faier, John, 1959-
Untitled, 2005 (Inkjet print);
Untitled, 2005 (Inkjet print)
Ganley, Duncan, 1971-
midnight, mid-Atlantic..., 2007 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 1/10)
Goldes, David
Mesh Objects (After Cezanne #2), 2005 (Gelatin silver print, ed. # 7/15)
Granser, Peter, 1971-
Couple in a Pool, 2000 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 1/7, printed 2007)
Greenberg, Paul Allen, 1935-
Janack Daulat, Surgical Supply, 2005 (Gelatin silver photographs, printed 2007)
Hillerbrand, Stephan, 1965-
Amorphous Solid 1124, 2007 (Inkjet photograph)
Hooper, Chip
Tidepool, Tasman Sea, New Zealand, 2003 (Gelatin silver print, ed. # 4/25, printed 2006)
Iturbide, Graciela, 1942-
Torito (Young Bull), Coyoacán, Mexico City, 1983 (Gelatin silver print)
Kellner, Thomas, 1966-
51#01 Houston, dancing chimneys, Houston Refinery, 2006 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 1/12)
Lohuizen, Kadir van
Diamond Matters, Democratic Republic of Congo, August 2004 (Inkjet print, ed. # 1/50, printed 2007)
McCurry, Steve, 1950-
Fisherman, Weligama, South Coast, Sri Lanka, 1995 (Silver dye bleach print, printed 2007)
Miller, Peter, 1945-
Roofwork, 2005 (Photogravure, ed. # 3/50)
Mirer, Daniel, 1966-
Image of the West on Buses, Utah, 1999 (Chromogenic photograph, ed. 1/2)
Old, Toby
Columbus Day Parade, N.Y.C., 2006 (Gelatin silver print, ed. # 5/25, printed 2007)
Robinson, Lisa M., 1968-
Valhalla, 2006 (Chromogenic print, ed.# 5/15, printed 2007)
Rodriguez, Rojelio, 1971-
Rodolfo with Rooster, July 2005 (Inkjet print, printed 2007)
Sharifi, Soody
Courtly Love, 2004 (Inkjet print, ed. # 2/6, printed 2006)
Smith, Allison V.
Town and Country, October 2004, Marfa, Texas, October 2004 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 2/7, printed 2006)
Steinke, Krista Leigh, 1968-
the apples grew ripe and fell far from the tree, 2006 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 2/12)
Taylor, Maggie, 1961-
It´s Always Tea-Time, 2006 (Inkjet photograph, ed. 4/20)
Weideman, Ryan, 1941-
Self-Portrait with Transvestite, 1997 (Gelatin silver print, edition # 2/10)
White, Minor, 1908-1976
Vicinity of Pier 4, Boston, April 20, 1974 (Gelatin silver print)
Wilkes, Stephen
Bridge with Mountains, 2005 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 3/20)
Yoon, JeongMee, 1969-
Seo Woo and her Pink Things, 2006 (Chromogenic print, ed. # 3/10)

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