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Photo Forum 2012

Date open to public: 9/11/2012

Closing date: 1/7/2013

0 Catalogs in Archives.

This exhibition was first organized by the MFAH.

Exhibition venue: Lower Beck Corridor

Related subjects, medium, artists:
Photography, Artistic

 Participating Artists

Berger, Susan, 1943-
Jersey City, NJ 2010, 2010 (Gelatin silver print with selenium toning)
Burlton, Laura, 1969-
Granny Wolf, 2010 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/15)
Crouser, Michael
Mercado de la Boqueria- Barcelona, Spain, 2011 (Gelatin silver print with toning, ed. 1/25)
Dimmitt, Benjamin, 1954-
Slough, Brooker Creek, FL, 2011 (Gelatin silver print, ed. 1/10)
Esteban, Max de
PO5, 2011 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/5)
Goldstein, Susan R., 1950-
Battlefield, 2009 (Gelatin silver print with collage)
Halpern, Greg
Untitled, 2009 (Chromogenic print)
Helfman, Maxine, 1953-
Idotenyin, 2012 (Inkjet print)
Herrera, Germažn
Embrace, 2010 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/15)
Hudson, Jennifer, 1979-
Untitled, 2010 (Inkjet print, ed. 8/10)
Ishikawa, Mao, 1953-
Untitled, 1978 (Gelatin silver print)
Laviada, Alejandra, 1980-
Lunar, 2011 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/5 and 2 artist´s proofs)
Lebovitch, Rubi, 1974-
Wool, 2009 (Inkjet print, ed. 2/6)
Lichtenstein, Andrew
Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of President Jefferson Davis´ Inauguration, Montgomery, Alabama, 2011 (Gelatin silver print)
Mallios, Jessica, 1976-
Untitled, 2008 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/5 and 2 artist´s proofs)
Papo, Rachel
2nd Class Girls, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2005 (Chromogenic print, ed. 2/9)
Pillsbury, Matthew, 1973-
Tribute of Light, Sunday, September 11th, 2011, 2011 (Inkjet print, ed. 6/20)
Politzer, David, 1976-
Phone on Sunflower, San Antonio, 2011 (Chromogenic print, ed. 1/8)
St. Onge, Cheryle, 1961-
Untitled (Tadpole), 2010 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/5 and 2 artist´s proofs)
Vanderwarker, Peter
Shanghai, Pudong, 2010 (Inkjet print, ed. 1/10)
White, Frank Sherwood, 1951-
Pear, 2002 (Gelatin silver print with selenium toning, ed. 5/10)

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