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Photography in the Fine Arts II

Date open to public: 10/12/1960

Closing date: 10/30/1960

2 Catalogs in Archives.

Exhibition files exist in Archives.

Exhibition curated or organized by: Chillman, James H., Jr.

Exhibition venue: Lower Brown Corridor

Orgainized by PFA, NYC

Related subjects, medium, artists:
Art, Modern; Photography, Artistic

 Participating Artists

Allen, Harold, 1912
General Store Show Case, Virginia City, Montana; Old Jail Stair, Carthage, Illinois
Andersson, Jack
Nude and Dandelions
Anguti, Michael
Guggenheim Museum
Aptecker, George
Bearded Man and Nude Painting
Arnold, Eve
Boy and Microphone
Attie, David
Cat, Guitar and Avocado
Avedon, Richard, 1923-2004
The Braques
Barnell, J. D.
Irish Castle
Bischof, Werner Adalbert, 1916-1954
Famine in India; Barau, Indo-China
Blodgett, Jeremy
The Bridge; The Tunnel
Boch, Alfred
Casbah, Tangiers
Boden, Richard
with Montanus, Neil
Boram, Robert
Assembly Line
Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971
Wheat Field; Pittsburgh
Brake, Brian, 1928-
Picasso, His Son and Cocteau
Breitenbach, Joseph, 1896-1984
War Orphan, Korea
Brooks, Charlotte
Teen-Age Driver
Bubley, Esther
Moroccan Woman; St. Luke's Waiting Room; Brazilian Street Scene
Bundy, Horace, 1814 - 1883
Light Abstraction; Woman and the Thistle
Capa, Cornell, 1918-2008
Ballet School, Moscow; Pasternak, 1958; Religion in Russia
Capa, Robert, 1913-1954
Normandy Beachhead, 1944; Snipers, Paris, 1944; Immigrants, Israel, 1948
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908-2004
Andalusia, Spain 1937; Matisse and Doves; R. J. Oppenheimer
Chadwick, Taber
Bullet Holes through a Tin Sign
Chong, Jerry Y.
Kilauea Iki Volcano, Hawaii
Cole, Bernard
Shoemaker's Lunch
Cooke, Jerry
Cunningham, George M.
Idinen, Libya
Curtin, Walter, 1911-
Canadian Hog Farmer
d´Arazien, Arthur
Lime Kiln, Texas
Dantzic, Jerry
Point of View
Davidson, Bruce, 1933-
Under the Coney Island Boardwalk
Eidlitz, Dorothy Meigs
Skating Rink, Rockefeller Plaza, New York
Erwitt, Elliott
Casals' Cello
Falk, Sam
The Conference; The Tent at Night
Feininger, Andreas, 1906-1999
Web of Yellow Garden Spider
Forbert, David J.
The Seine in Autumn; Laying Cement, Mexico
Froelich, William
Holy Powder Sellers of Banaras; Dyed Fabric, Pakistan
Fusco, Paul
Gagnon, Jim
In an Art Gallery
Gardner, Richard N.
Krak des Chevaliers, Syria
Geraci, A. John
Shorty" Anderson, Designer
Gill, Leslie, 1908-1958
Still Life, 1952
Glickman, Phil
The Terrified Deer
Glinn, Burt
Sammy Davis, Jr.; Vanguard; Khrushchev and Lincoln
Gregor, Carola
Larch Trees
Haas, Ernst, 1921-
Norwegian Fjord, 1959; Pigeons; Silhouette
Hall, Theodore Seymour
Ebb and Flow
Hallock, Althea W.
East River, United Nations
Halsman, Philippe
Edith Sitwell; Albert Einstein
Harbutt, Charles
Circus Moon
Harrington, Phillip
African Burial Ground; In a Chinese Garden
Harris, Kay
Young Painter
Hartmann, Erich
Cotton Pickers, North Carolina
Hawley, Margaret
Dandelion Seeds
Heyman, Ken
Fish Nets
Hofer, Evelyn, 1922-2009
Landscape near Florence; Streetcleaner, Florence
Horst, Horst P., 1906-1999
Two Moslem Women
Jones, Carolyn Mason
Bridge through the Window
Jones, Carter
Paint Pots
Kalischer, Clemens
Cuban Lady
Karsh, Yousuf
Hemingway; Schweitzer; Cocteau
Kauffman, Mark
Punting on the Thames; Boating on the Cherwell
Kertész, André, 1894-1985
Street Scene, Nassau
Kessel, Dmitri
The Frog; The Lone Brownstone; Puma
Klute, Jeannette
Sea Shells
Knopf, Hans
Cattle Range Trail; Sand Hills of Nebraska
Landshoff, H.
The Poet Kenward Elmslie; An American Place--Stieglitz; Max Osborn
Lange, Dorothea, 1895-1965
Funeral Cortege
Leach, David G.
Leaping Impalas
Leipzig, Arthur
Sleeping Child
Lerch, Leo
Lessing, Erich
Hungarian Revolution
Liberman, Alexander
Alberto Giacometti; Andre Derain
Lieberman, Archie
Farm Silhouette
Lionni, Leo
Arrows on the Zocalo, Mexico City
Lippincott, W. J.
Rice Paddy near Kyota, Japan
Lomeo, Angelo
Patzcuaro Fisherman
Lowitz, Walter
Frozen Daybreak
Machlin, Sheldon M.
Archway in Orgosolo, Sardinia
Martens, Charles H.
Italian Hill Town
Massar, Ivan
Steel Mill Interior; Black Barn; Reeds and Reflections
Matter, Herbert
The Essence of Freedom
McKenna, Rollie
Dame Edith Sitwell
McLaughlin-Gill, Frances
April Afternoon
Meisel, Ulrich E.
Bass Weather
Miller, Wayne
Dance Class
Montanus, Neil
with Boden, Richard
Morath, Inge
Mrs. Nash, London
Morgan, Barbara, 1900-1992
Lloyd´s Head
Newman, Arnold, 1918-2006
Igor Stravinsky; Chaim and Renee Gross; Man in Church Doorway
Noble, Joseph V.
The Night Wind
Ortiz Echague, Jose
Cerros de Calatayud
Penn, Irving, 1917-
Trees and Fisherman; Colette; John Marin
Porter, Eliot, 1901-1990
Sick Herring Gull
Rawlings, John
United Nations
Reinicke, Bruno C.
Workman Pausing
Riboud, Marc
Churchill; Camel Market, India
Rodger, George
Kordofan; Pigeon House
Ross, Leonard
Man on Bridge Cable
Rothstein, Arthur, 1915-1986
Vintage Year
Ruohomaa, Kosti
Monhegan Island in Winter; Woman and Tree Trunk
Sarason, Henry
Cubes in Space
Schulthess, Emil
African Sand Dunes
Schutzer, Paul
Unemployment in the Coal-Mine Industry
Seymour, David
Bernard Berenson
Sherman, Susan
On the Arno
Shrout, Bill
Secrets of Long Life
Shustak, Lawrence M.
Jazz Composer Bobby Timmons; Fog, Nova Scotia
Sisto, Ernest
Race in the Rain
Sleet, Moneta, Jr., 1926-1996
A Staircase in Khartoum
Stanley, David M.
Pattern in White
Stanley, Joseph
Seated Woman on Stone Bench
Stettner, Louis
Freight Cars
Stevens, Roy
Granary on the Mississippi
Stewart, John
Flowers; Oaxaca, Mexico
Sylbert, Jed
Winter in the Park
Szarkowski, John, 1925-2007
Beaver Flowage, Bayfield County; Farm Near Caledonia
Taconis, Kryn
Mine Disaster, Marcinelle
Thornton, W. George
Vaccaro, Michael A.
W. Somerset Maugham; Frank Lloyd Wright
Vachon, John
Nova Scotia Coal Miner; First Day at Nursery School; The Pit
Van Sickle, Kenneth
Vasillov, W. W.
Brick Layers
Velissaratos, Ruth
Lady of Fashion
Vincent, James C.
Wahlund, Carl B.
A Passing Shot at Broken Windows
Warner, Rick
Golden Milkweed
Wells, John R.
House Skeleton
Wolff, Werner
Manhattan Dawn
Zakany, Jose Lorenzo
Misty Morn

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